• Mosėdžio akmenų lobynas

    Stones treasures of Mosėdis

    Restored water mill building is an exposure chamber. It is exposed in three halls. There is the exposure of main boulders and strains in the first hall, also a wide variety of granite, magmatic and metamorphic rock associations, the founder V. Intas exposure and geologist prof. A. Gaigalas exposure.
    The second room is a variety of sedimentary, paleontological finds. Collection of sand different colors and fraction. Minerals are introduced as well as a veriety of stones from the human`s body.
    The third hall of valuable and unique collection of minerals. They are collected from various places on Earth - India, Mountain Altai, Turkmenistan and gifted by E. Preikša, A. Ulskis, D. Jurkevičius, A. Ilgevičienė, A. Bitinas, V. Intas, G. Motuza, V. Ušackas. Also you can find A. Baltinas`s watercolor exhibition on the walls.

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